Friday, April 4, 2014

spring in DC

this time of year always makes me reminiscent. 3 years ago we were packing up our provo apartment, graduating from college, leaving jobs, friends and family behind and trekking to dc with hopes of something great on the other end. 3 years ago steve & i were about to embark on the best thing that has ever happened to us. there's something about taking a leap of faith and leaving the only state you've ever known with nothing but your personal belongings and your best friend in hopes that something better is coming. of course we had plan B in case this whole adventure didn't work out but neither of us spent much time entertaining it because we so badly wanted plan A to work. not a single day goes by that i'm not grateful that our plan worked out in such a seamless way. we couldn't have planned these past 3 years better if we tried. this doesn't mean that everything is perfect because there are still things about this place that kick my butt everyday (whyyyyyy is it so far away from family?), but it means that this year, unlike every other anniversary of us moving to dc, i hope we stay here for a while. i finally feel like dc is my home and that i could really see another 10, 15 or even 30 years here (no matter how ridiculous the real estate market is). 3 years ago i never thought i would utter those words.

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